Youth Employment Support

There are now two Employment Support Persons (Job Coaches) hired to assist and support Youth at Risk gain job placements through the Work Experience Program at Carlton Comprehensive High School and Wesmor Community School. This was made possible through a partnership between Prince Albert Grand Council Urban Services and Saskatchewan Rivers School Division #119 funded by the Corrections and Public Safety. Support offered to youth in these three schools included:


  • Employment support & Referrals
  • Training support
  • Issuing & providing transportation
  • Career pathing
  • Personal & Professional knowledge, skills
  • Developing Resumes
  • Completing job applications
  • Obtaining job leads
  • Assist in some safety points
  • Filling out S.I.N & Birth Certificate forms

The Work Experience program is operated through the school year that prepares First Nations youth to enter careers mainly in the Retail and Service Industry and trades Sector. This program prepares youth for this challenge by engaging in numerous learning and development activities to acquire personal and professional employment readiness knowledge, skills and attitudes, with some knowledge of certain skills.

The long-term objective is for the “youth at risk” is to gain knowledge or obtain employment within the community of Prince Albert.

Another objective of the program is to prevent the youth from becoming involved or re-offending within the Youth Justice System. The program is set up to increase the awareness of the youth in the importance of creating and maintaining positive lifestyles that will assist them in both their personal and career related decision-making skills.

Student Housing Initiative

The PAGC Urban Services Centre Inc. recognized the need for affordable student housing and has taken over management of the two properties on 432 & 428 – 28th Street East to support those students who require housing. This program is funded by the collection of rent/damage deposits. Applications may be accessed through the department.

Urban Referral & Parenting Support Services

The PAGC Urban Referral & Parent Support Program provides services to families with children 0-6 years of age, living in at risk conditions. The mandate of thisprogram is to provide assistance to families through community-based programs that are holistic andaccessible. The program also advocates and works with families to strengthen social, economic and educational linkages within the city.
The Urban Referral and parent support assists in the delivery of special occasions such as:


  • Urban Christmas Dinner
  • Urban Treaty Day
  • Summer Outing Program

Developing partnerships within the city of Prince Albert assists in the program delivery and as high participant involvement as a result. Partnering with other organizations is a strength that encourages families towards empowerment and with a result of making positive changes in their lives.

Family Violence Program

This program is funded through Saskatchewan Justice, contribution from fiscal year to fiscal year. Offers programming to members who are affected by family violence in all areas, liaisons with the Prince Albert Womens Shelter/PACADA and other community based organizations.

Mental Health & Addictions

This program is in partnership with the Kids First Initiative, a worker is placed at Urban Services liaison with the schools offering support to families in the Kids First Program as well as with our Urban Clients who wish to access treatment, and counseling regarding family dynamics and addictions. Funding for this program has been extended to 2009.