First Nations Labour Force Development

(Aboriginal Human Resources Development Canada)

The LFD program continues to offer ongoing support for those First Nations who reside in Prince Albert and area by providing a variety of employment/training initiatives, which ensure that clients are accessing relevant ABE/Technical & Vocational training, based on viable career goals. This urban contribution agreement is administered by the Prince Albert Grand Council Urban Services Centre Inc.

Funding for this program flows from Services Canada via SITAG to the Local Labour Force Development Offices throughout the province of Saskatchewan. PAGC Urban Services Centre Inc. Board consists of the 12 chiefs of PAGC membership along with the Executive Chiefs of the Prince Albert Grand Council. This entity approves budget forecasts and block-funding, as well as changes to policy regarding students and staff.

Accessibility is based on client identification of career-oriented goals, client follow through, proper registration, and provision of all relevant documentation. Other selection criteria considered are previous track records, total number of requests, and availability of funding resources. These decisions of support come directly from the Labour Force Development Coordinator and support staff of the program. This LIMB maintains a continuous waitlist which gives us the proper time to ensure clients are eligible for support, as well as the onus is on the client to provide all documentation required for decisions.

The LFD program has a proven track record of being proactive in seeking viable partnerships and sustainable supports for Urban First Nations.