Construction Careers Prince Albert

CCPA continues to make impressive progress in connecting clients interested in pursuing careers in the construction area. This partnership between SIIT/PAGC/CAN SK provides individuals with necessary supports to access entry level positions related to the construction/trades careers. The supports include but are not limited by; Construction Safety Training System, driver training programs, and Construction Worker Preparation Pre-Employment Programs.


Adult 10 and 12 Basic Academic Preparation

The Prince Albert Grand Council Urban Services Centre Incorporated recognizes the fact that many of our First Nations clientele require upgrading to successfully attain their long term goals of employment. The Adult Basic Education 10 Program had an intake of 20 young adults, who required the academic upgrading to pursue further education, training or career orientated goals. Twelve of these clients have attained their ten. The ABE 12 program is delivered by SIAST Woodland, PAGC Urban Services had an intake of 13 clients there were 5 who attained their Grade 12 diplomas.


Individual Client Sponsorship

There were a total of 210 clients sponsored financially for a variety of technical/vocational/adult upgrading and employment programs for the period of April 1/07 to March 31, 2008. Of these 117 were new students while the rest are were continuing from the previous fiscal year.


Labour Force Development Supports

The Prince Albert Grand Council – Urban Services Centre Inc. offers other community/employment supports such as volunteer tax preparation, resume writing, faxing/photocopying/inter-net research, disability funding/referrals, as well as long distance calls regarding employment and/or emergency situations.


Success Stories

Mr. Cody Bear from the Lac La Ronge Indian Band has successfully made it through Aboriginal Police Preparation Program that was offered at SIAST Woodland Campus. Mr. Bear has utilized many supports from PAGC – Urban Services that has to offer to first nations people. Mr. Bear first started to get help from the Youth Employment Support Program out of Carlton Comprehensive High School, where he got some counseling and work experience in high school, also gained employment as a summer student at PAGC. He recently got accepted to a two week recruiting program offered by Regina City Police. Upon Completion he will then go to Police College in Regina for 4 months.

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