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Staff and Board Members

Frank Bighead                          –           Director

April E. Cook                            –           ACRS Data Technician

Akilma Asha                             –           Engineer Advisor

Brian Phaneuf                           –           Capital Planner / CRTP Manager

Calvin Bird                                –           Water Operator Trainer

Darren Charles                         –           Building Maintenance Trainer

Gary Harris                              –           Building Maintenance Trainer

Glen Whitehead                       –           General Maintenance Supervisor

Glenn Marion                            –           Housing Inspector

Gloria Naytowhow                    –           Receptionist Administrative Clerk

Mervyn Keleman                       –           Water Operator Trainer

Michael Charles                        –           CAD / GIS Technologist

Rosie Charles                           –           Housing Consultant

Scot McHarg                            –           Building Maintenance Trainer

Stan Merasty                           –           Water Operator Trainer

Vera Roy                                  –           Financial Administrative Clerk

Vince Genereaux                      –           Housing Advisor

Richard Kent                            –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Commissioner

Calvin Peneff                            –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Officer

Harold Isbister                        –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Officer

Michelle Vandevord                  –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Officer

Mitchell Mesenchuk                 –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Officer

Pierce Pellerin                          –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Officer

Randy Bair                                –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Officer

Wade Durell                             –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Officer

Tina Pelletier                           –           SK Emergency & Protective Services Communication Officer

Robert Hunter                          –           Maintenance Manager

Floyd Roberts                          –           Maintenance

Geronimo Ballantyne                 –           Maintenance

Kevin Peekeekoot                     –           Maintenance

Reynold Sewap                         –           Maintenance

Roger Bird                               –           Maintenance

Sheldon Bighead                      –           Maintenance

Elizabeth Whitehead               –           Janitorial

Evelyn Ballantyne                     –           Janitorial

Client Counselling Training
(Back Row) Garth Sanderson, Elmer Settee, Danny Robillard (Middle Row) Roxanne Harper, Vince Genereaux, Ernestine Michel, Ernestine Ray, Daniel Roberts, Margaret Clark (Front Row) Curtis McKay


Grand Chief Ron Michel – Prince Albert Grand Council
Chief Earl Lidguerre – Fond Du Lac Denesuline Nation
Chief Ian McKay – Red Earth Cree Nation
Chief Wesley Daniels – Sturgeon Lake First Nation
Chief Edward Henderson – Montreal Lake Cree Nation
Chief Tammy Cook-Searson – Lac La Ronge Indian Band
Rose Dorion – PAGC Women´s Commission