Community Planning and Capital

  • Coordinates community land use and infrastructure plans with 5-year planning updates.
  • Assists in capital planning and funding negotiations.
  • Participates in project teams for major capital projects.
  • Provides project management on selected projects.
  • Provides training in contracting and project management to First Nations members.
  • Advises and assists in contracting and engineering services.
  • Conducts surveys and community mapping.

Information Systems

  • Maintains an inventory of community facilities and assets through the Capital Asset Inventory System (CAIS) and housing databases, updated yearly.
  • Coordinates Asset Condition Reporting System (ACRS) with 5-year updates.
  • Updates Capital Management Data Base (CMDB) yearly.
  • Provides technical support to capital projects and management.
  • Updates housing maps.
  • Developing a Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Conducts Global Positioning System (GPS) surveying.
  • Provides computer-assisted drafting and design services.

Energuide Training
(l – r) Richard Piska, Richard Moosemay, Scot McHarg, Frank Bighead, Ian Startup, Jeffery Iron, Vince Genereaux

Housing Services

  • Conducts site and code compliance inspection for new housing and renovations.
  • Conducts CMHC inspections.
  • Conducts plumbing inspections.
  • Provides housing design and specifications.
  • Provides assistance and advice in housing capital.
  • Coordinates and conducts training of First Nations housing coordinators in contracting and construction.
  • Provides technical advice on engineering construction and building design issues.

Maintenance Management

  • Advises in the maintenance of water/sewer and building systems.
  • Responds to emergency repair services requests.
  • Maintains computerized Maintenance Management System (MMS) including records of maintenance and equipment inventories for each community.
  • Provides training and advice to First Nations maintenance staff.
  • Conducts new Home Owner’s Workshops.
  • Provides Building Systems Maintenance Training.
  • Health Centre maintenance program.
  • Infrastructure Training.

Fond Du Lac Firefighters
(back row) Richard Kent, Scot McHarg, Georgie MacDonald (front row) Justin Mercredi, Ronny Aguier, Archie Toutsaint, Lonnie Augier, Derrick Cook

Emergency and Protective Services

  • Conducts inspections of housing and first nation facilities for fire and safety hazards compliance to National Building Code, National Fire Code and other environmental and specifications standards.
  • Assists in Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) plans.
  • Conducts fire education programs.
  • Coordinates training programs for structural fire fighting.
  • Performs fire investigations.
  • Assists in setting up and reorganizing fire departments.
  • Gives advice on what type and quantity of fire fighting equipment to purchase.