Sprucelodge Boarding Home is a medically approved
home that provides meals, accommodations
and transportation to registered First Nations
clients who come to Prince Albert to access medical
services that are not available in their home community.
The programs are funded by Health Canada
and as such, follows the Non-Insured Health
Benefits policy framework. Sprucelodge currently
employees 11 full time and eight casual staff.
Each year, there has been increase in the number
of clients and services; however, the growth over
this past fiscal year has been more than ever before.
In total, 26,373 clients were provided assistance
through three programs, which was 5,253
more than the previous year.
Our After-Hours Call Centre continues to be busy.
The service is open to all registered Treaty clients
who are residing in Saskatchewan and require
After-Hours assistance with meal, travel and accommodations.
As per our contribution agreement,
assistance cannot be provided for scheduled appointments.

In May 2017, Sprucelodge began to offer the Mental
Health Benefit Program through the After-Hours
program. This program allows us to authorize mental
health support for all First Nations in Saskatchewan
who may be experiencing trauma or crisis.
The program is still too new to gauge or predict
how busy it will be.
Sprucelodge is currently located in Cottage 10 with
plans for expansion in 2017, which will allow for a
higher number of clients.