Prince Albert Grand Council Sport, Culture and Recreation lead in the development of First Nations’ sport, culture and recreation for our youth and communities.

Community Involvement
We encourage corporate and individual involvement in community activities.
Individual Contribution
We enable individuals to be responsible and accountable for providing excellent program and service delivery to member First Nations.
Trust and Teamwork
We have relationships that are based on trust, cooperation and teamwork.
Open Communication
We have open communication, open dialogue, and participative management.
Employee and Board Development
We have a commitment to continuous employee development and growth.
We develop partnerships that will enhance the economic, social and cultural well being of member First Nations.
We respect one another and the importance of family.
Prince Albert Grand Council Sport, Culture and Recreation will provide leadership and development opportunities in sport, culture and recreation for our youth and communities

Work in partnership with PAGC First Nations communities to develop and provide community, sector, and grand council sport, culture and recreation programs and services for youth and communities.
Participate in sector, grand council, provincial, national, international and world sport competitions.
Raise the awareness of sport, culture and recreation benefits and opportunities within PAGC First Nations communities.
Work in partnership with northern and provincial organizations that deliver or support sport, culture and recreation.
Organizational development of the Prince Albert Grand Council Sport, Culture and Recreation department.
Encourage and provide advisory support in the development and maintenance of quality facilities in Prince Albert Grand Council communities.


Communities in the Prince Albert Grand Council have a long history of excellent athletes participating in a broad range of recreation and sporting activities. This is particularly true in the core sports of baseball and hockey. The Chiefs of the Grand Council recognized that a recreation program needed to be much more than a few individuals participating in team sports. That recreation in it´s broad sense would provide the greatest good to the majority of our membership while recognizing the unique cultural and linguistic traits of our communities. At the same time, the Grand Council wished to participate and excel in the First Nation Summer and Winter games, the North American Indigenous Games and other such activities.

In order to bring these ideas to fruition, a core group of individuals were recruited to organize recreation activities at the community level and the Grand Council territory. It was anticipated that these employees would be the catalyst around which sports, culture and recreation activities could evolve.