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The Healing Lodge staff has full access to OMS and offender behavior information. Staff are available to provide holistic wellness counseling.

The Lodge is located 8km East and 3km North from Prince Albert

Teachings at the Lodge include:

  • Self-discovery-behavior awareness
  • Origin and awareness of violent and abusive behavior
  • Healthy Family living
  • Holistic healing
  • Community reintegration planning
  • Spiritual and Cultural teachings
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Education, training and employment information
  • Resident Elder on site

Who Can Apply?

To be accepted at the Lodge…
You must be willing to start your Healing Journey.
You must be willing to participate in all the lodge programs and activities.
You must be willing to learn and to respect the diversity of all tribal groups and teachings.

Federal Serving Inmates who are presently not serving a sentence for one of the following offences:

  1. Prison Breach or Escape;
  2. Outstanding charges
  3. Must have UTA or ETA status or in the process of acquiring UTA/ ETA status

Serving federal inmates may apply under a Section 81 Agreement with Corrections Canada. Contact your Parole Officer for information.

Application Process

  • Submit letter of interest
  • Should have a healing and case plan in place
  • Must apply through your Parole Officer
  • Must have full support of Parole Officer
  • Must be Medically fit
  • Must be drug free (some prescriptions acceptable)
  • Must be minimum Security
  • Must be committed to spiritual way of living
  • Must take programs offered in centre
  • Must have an open mind and willing to change

How Long Can I Be There?

Approximately the last 12 months of sentence depending on your circumstances

If I get full support from my P.O, do I automatically go?

No, you must be interviewed and selected by the Healing Lodge

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