Our vision at the Spiritual Healing Lodge is to provide
traditional teachings in a cultural environment to help support our Relatives (inmates) on their healing journey.
Our mission is to provide Aboriginal people with a solid grounding in their culture, values and customs.
To address the mind, body, and emotional needs of the individual and to develop and increase the role and level of responsibility that
Aboriginal communities play in dealing with Aboriginal people who are in conflict with the law.
In doing so, the Lodge will assist CSC to meet its own objectives.
The Prince Albert Grand Council Spiritual Healing Lodge opened a 25-bed facility in 1997 under a tripartite agreement between Correctional Service Canada (CSC) and Saskatchewan Justice. April 1, 2012 the Province of Saskatchewan did not renew their portion of the agreement thus forcing the closure of the Lodge. In April 2014, the doors reopened as a 12-bed Section 81 facility with CSC.
The Spiritual Healing Lodge is located on the Wahpeton Dakota First Nation 94B approximately eleven kilometers from Prince Albert.
The Lodge provides accommodation for federal inmates and offenders. The Lodge is designated for low security males from the federal institutions.

Who Can Apply?
Federal Serving Inmates who are presently not serving a sentence for one of the following offences:
Prison Breach or Escape
Outstanding charges
Serving federal inmates may apply under a Section 81 Agreement with Corrections Canada. Contact your Parole Officer for information.

The Lodge operates on a 24-hour basis with a:
Director Program Coordinator
Caseworker Admin Assistant
Night Watch Casuals

The Elders Advisory Group (EAG) is comprised of an Elder from each of the four sectors that make up the PAGC.
Dene Sector Dakota/ Plains Cree Sector
Woodland Cree Sector Swampy Cree Sector

A Parole Officer from SK Pen is on site 2-3 days out of the week.

All-inclusive Elders teachings provided by the EAG includes:

  Weekly sweats – Talking circles
Pipe ceremonies – One-on-ones
Smudging – Traditional parenting
Healthy relationships – Fire keepers teachings
Medicine wheel teachings
Traditional ceramonies and so much more.

Further programs included at the Lodge and surrounding communities are:
Group addiction counselling, AA, NA & GA – Individual addiction counselling
Men’s group (Family Violence Prevention) – Parenting skills
Grief & Loss – Safe food handling – Chainsaw safety – Anger Management
Church – Literacy upgrading
Beading – Carving
Drum making – Hide tanning
Drumming and singing – Carpentry Projects
Sun Dances – Rain Dances
Round Dances – Pow Wow’s
Fasting – Tipi Teachings
Nutrition – STD clinics
Community service opportunities at Culture Gatherings and Pow wows
Presentations to schools and groups on topics such as gang awareness
Providing wood and rocks to the Elders in surrounding communities
is also available, at a cost, contact the Lodge for further information.


Contact Info
Prince Albert Grand Council
Wahpeton Reserve 94 B
Box 2350
Prince Albert SK. S6V 6Z1
Ph: 306-953 2498
Fax: 306-953-2514
Email: shlreception@pagc.net

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