• March 25, 2019 - March 27, 2019
    2:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Event Phone: 1-866-765-5305

Location: Plaza 88, Prince Albert

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The Youth Gathering Planning Committee made up of five Northern young adults has planned a gathering for northern youth, community champions and caregivers to continue their life journey by interacting with one another to learn skills to cope so that life promotion and life protection is aimed at prevention instead of a reactionary response to critical incidents.

The itinerary aims to address the gaps identified by northern youth. Therefore, a focus on coping skills, life skills and continued engagement and empowerment is imperative. We want to continue to advocate and support the growth of the youth voice as they become more empowered to be part of the solution.

Our program is built around the 6 Calls to Action found in the Children’s Advocate Report:

  1. LISTEN!!! using a holistic approach to promote belonging, purpose, meaning and hope using a strength based approach as we engage our participants to replace suicide with life choices as we learn the medicine of kindness to break the need to bully
  2. create awareness and build support systems and learn skills to cope with grief, anxiety, depression and other emotional needs
  3. engage, educate and empower youth to address drugs and alcohol as symptoms that respond well to traditional teachings and ceremonies and land based activities
  4. introducing a strength based approach to create safe communities
  5. introduce meaningful and diverse activities that will interest all youth
  6. and the strength in a community development approach that emphasizes celebrating and using the gifts found within all community members which include the youth and Elders

We are inviting 4 participants from each First Nation and Metis community in Northern Saskatchewan to attend: Three youth 14-18 and 1 young adult chaperone under the age of 30.

Suicide is a serious problem which needs a community response. If you are interested in helping your community become suicide free please register by clicking on REGISTER NOW! at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for caring.

On behalf of the Planning Committee, we look forward to meeting you on March 25th. Safe travels.

Shaylynn McAuley, Shelley Isbister, Raelyn Bird-Sanderson, Kariya Whitecap
Jared Settee

Youth Gathering Planning Committee


  • Meals during the event and one room as accommodation will be provided.
  • Mileage is paid per PAGC rates.
  • Meals before and after the conference are at the expense of the participants.
  • Mileage cheques will be sent out after the gathering.
  • We expect participants to be in attendance for 3 days.
  • Participants from other government departments and agencies are responsible for their own accommodations and travel costs.
  • A small fee to cover meals at the gathering may be required.

Please register online by clicking the Register Now! button below
Any questions please call: Raelyn or Kariya at 1-866-765-5305 or 306-953-7285

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