Alternative Measures Program

77b 11th Street West
Prince Albert, SK S6V 3A8
Tel: (306) 953-7254

The Prince Albert Urban Alternative Measures Program is a community based program that diverts offenders away from the formal justice system. The program receives referrals pre-charge (from police, community members) and post-charge (Provincial/Federal prosecution office, RCMP).

PAUAMP offers Victim/Offender Mediation, Family Group Conferencing, School Mediation, Adult/Youth stop-lift program, Community Justice Forums and Accountability Hearings.

This year AMP staff attended Surrogate Victim Training, Native Family Systems Training, Community Action Against Crystal Meth Conference and Victim Offender Mediation – Train the Trainer.


AMP staff conducted Surrogate Victim Training; which included an AMP Overview, Communication Skills, SV Roles and Responsibilities, and Victim Needs/Sensitivity. The Surrogate Victims will be utilized when victims are unable to attend mediation. The use of surrogate victims increases the accountability of the offender to the victim and creates a greater understanding of the effects actions have not only on the individual person that they have violated but the community.


AMP provided 3 Youth Day Programs, which included topics on life in prison, talking circles, positive relationships, and family violence.


Some future goals for the program include promoting public awareness of AMP through presentations, pamphlets, and posters, increasing victim involvement in mediations, utilizing elders in the mediation process, continuing with the Youth Day Program but include some cultural aspects; such as sweats, pipe ceremonies, or other cultural activities depending on the groups interests.

We are all looking forward to a positive and constructive new year!