The TeleHealth program has 11 sites, ten of which are connected to the Telehealth Saskatchewan Network, which links patients to health care teams using secure video conferencing equipment. Telehealth Saskatchewan operates more than 345 sites in 134 communities across the province. This include First Nation TeleHealth sites. The following proposals have been to First Nation Inuit Health:

  •  eHealth Program Proposal, submitted October 6, 2016, and approved on February 14, 2017.
  • Approval for equipment replacement for one TeleHealth site at Little Red. The SX20 replaces their existing Tandberg Edge 990 and will be installed, registered, and tested in 2017-2018.
  • Equipment Replacement Proposal for four existing TeleHealth sites, submitted and pending approval: ◊ PAGC H&SD – Tandberg Edge 95  James Smith – C20 Sakwatamo Lodge – C20 and Wahpeton – C20
  • New Site Proposal: Holistic Wellness Centre, approved February 6, 2017, equipment received and will be installed in 2017-2018.
  • PAGC H&SD Telepresence Mobility Proposal. Approved February 6, 2017, equipment received, and will be installed in 2017-2018. Status of TeleHealth Sites For a TeleHealth site to be fully operational it must be registered with the eHealth Saskatchewan Network. It also requires a site to site and bridge testing and trained support staff. Currently, PAGC has nine sites, which are fully operational for clinical, educational, and administrative sessions. Training is needed for one site and a replacement of existing video conferencing equipment is needed for another.
    TeleHealth Sites that are not ready: Little Red is listed under Lac La Ronge, of which the TeleHealth Coordinator is Roderick Sanderson who is responsible for the scheduling of clinical, educational, and administrative sessions.

For seven of the sites that have SX20s, the software was upgraded, which came with new remote controls (TRC6). At the sites in Cumberland House and Shoal Lake, support staff and other health staff received TRC6 training. Staff at the other sites will receive training during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. As part of the program, PAGC’s Department of Information Technology provides the maintenance, PAGC Health submits requests for replacements, and NITHA submits the proposal for service agreements. TeleHealth Sessions Statistics April 2016 to March 2017 Clinical Sessions Offered (51) FN Hatchet Lake HC TeleHealth Site (50)

General Practitioner Appointments: 38

  •  Oncology: 2
  • Nephrology: 2
  •  Neurosurgery: 3
  • Respiratory: 2
  •  TB Consult: 2
  •  Thoracic: 1

PAGC H & SD: Mental Health (Host site: Battle River Treaty 6) Educational Sessions (17) PAGC H&SD – ADI

  • Nutrition & Diabetes – The Basics
  • Prenatal Nutrition
  • Nutrition North Canada & Food Safety

NITHA Computer Training

  •  Computer Training Intro Level: 2
  • Computer Training Level One: 2
  •  Internet & Web Browsing
  •  Word Process/MS Word: 2

Kelsey Trail Health Region: Family Matters: Assisting Family Through Separation & Divorce Saskatoon Health Region

  • Obesity and Chronic Kidney Disease (Health Care Providers)
  • Health Body Weight – Health Kidneys (Public: Information Session)

Mamawetan Churchill Health Region: Northern HIV Nursing Education Lac La Ronge: NDP Georgina Jolibois Disability Tax Credit Information: 2 Prince Albert Access Place: HIV/Stigma Presentation Administration Sessions (6)

  • PAGC Dental Therapy: 2
  • PAGC TeleHealth Program: 3
  • Tobacco Control Strategy

TeleHealth support staff are fully trained on using the videoconferencing system. It consists of a TV, Tandberg Remote Control 5 (TRC5) for older models or Tandberg Remote Control 6 (TRC6) for SX20s, Codec, Internet, and cable connections. The TRC5 & TRC6 are the keys to operating the system. Without these remote controls, the videoconferencing systems cannot be used. The sessions involve training of how to use the laptop, how to connect the laptop to the video conferencing system, and how to switch screen for presentations and showing videos. Other sessions involve training of the equipment, such as the wall mounted projector and how to change TV functions. Working Groups

  •  Regional Telehealth Working Group (eHealth Saskatchewan)
  •  eHealth First Nations Telehealth Coordinators Forum
  • EMR Pilot Project – EMR IG Privacy Working Group, Charles Bighead, eHealth Advisor is the EMR Project Lead on this pilot focus on personal and family well-being. In total, eight individuals received Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referrals. Staff were also involved in Crisis Response in two communities. In one of the communities, 35 members participated in our ASIST program. In addition, support was provided at a Cultural Camp, Community Medicine workshop, and Stress Management workshop. In general, staff assist in other areas, including SafeTalk, ASIST (Suicide intervention), Honoring our Traditions, Edu-Therapy (Grief Counselling) and Crisis Intervention. Gambling Anonymous meetings are held on Monday nights at 7:30 pm at the Holistic Wellness Centre, now located at Cottage #3. Follow-up services are also provided to individuals and communities.