Sakwatamo Lodge Family Treatment Centre


Program Overview

The Treatment Program focuses on helping the individual towards acceptance of responsibility for their thoughts, actions and behaviors.  Recognition of self-worth and personal potential is an essential component of the program. We encourage participation in treatment activities with a goal of strengthening our nations against alcoholism and drug addiction.

Program Components

  • Alcohol and Drug Education
  • Cultural Teaching & Ceremonies
  • Family Wellness
  • Individual & Group Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Traditional Crafts
  • Life Skills Development
  • Youth Skill Development
  • Child Care Support

Program Description

Sakwatamo Lodge’s treatment approach is based on the Bio-Psycho Social Cultural Model.  Through our program goals, we hope to instill a commitment to a lifestyle change that leads to a healthier and balanced lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs.
During a 42-day residential treatment program, there are four components to the design of a client’s program.

  1. Native Culture
  2. Education and Awareness
  3. Counseling
  4. Life Skills Development

Program Goals

The goals of the program are:

1.To provide an effective addictions program centred on a residential component which:

  • is holistic
  • is a therapeutic personal developmental model
  • builds on the strengths, competencies and aspirations of each individual and the family unit
  • is respectful and protects the confidentiality of all involved
  • is grounded in First Nations cultural practices of the area
  • provides a home-like atmosphere

2.To provide an intensive treatment program which utilizes outside resources such as self-help groups, health promotion activities and information, and to develop and maintain close and productive working relationships with others in the overall system of care.

3.To provide the First Nations communities and addiction programs of the Prince Albert Grand Council with a residential based program that will serve as one focal point for promoting health and sobriety for First Nations families

4.To eliminate alcohol and other substance use among families who participate in the program.

5.To provide a balanced and purposeful program geared to individual characteristics that facilitate the healing of the whole person.

Program Principles

  • Strength and Self Determination
  • Mutuality and Respect
  • Emphasis on Native Culture and Tradition
  • Establish a Spiritual Foundation for Recovery
  • Grieving & Healing Process
  • A Holistic or System Approach
  • Personal Development & Education Awareness
  • Normalization
  • Integrating Change Over Time – Four Complete Seasons
  • To Recover & Gather Strength for NEW LIFE

Sakwatamo Lodge is incorporated under the Prince Albert Development Corporation – The Prince Albert Grand Council and operated and directed under the guidance of the twelve Chiefs of the Prince Albert Grand Council and the Entity.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the program is to provide education and awareness to First Nation people to live healthy lives by elimination of abuse of alcohol and other substances and by affirmation of pride of their First Nations Identity.

Vision Statement

The program vision is dedicated to the healing process of drug and alcohol addictions. We instill the value of hope for sobriety and ongoing recovery that lends itself to balance lifestyle that will transcend through family generation.

Philosophy Statement

Our Philosophy is the “CULTURE IS TREATMENT:. First Nations families have lost, through excessive alcohol and drug abuse, the ability to practice that belief.

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Joan Breland Director

Cindy Ghostkeeper Integrated Addiction Services Coordinator

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For client intake package contact:

Vivian Head

Intake Coordinator


(306) 864-3631

Toll Free: 1-877-864-3631