PAGC-sterilization (11 of 78) PAGC-sterilization (73 of 78)

A new service for all our First Nations Health Centers to reduce the risks of infectious disease for both patients and healthcare providers. Standard processing kits with easy to follow instructions for all healthcare providers that adhere to the policies & procedures recommended by IPACM.

The services are also managed by a recognized CSA, which is responsible for standardizing equipment and safety measures in the healthcare field.

All you need to do is:

  1. Place instruments in supplied bags and containers
  2. Record how many instruments require processing
  3. Record when you require the instruments to be returned

Added Benefit: If any medical/dental supplies are needed we can ship them at the same time for faster service.

Key Offerings

Innovative and modern facility for the best in Medical Reprocessing. We use a 3 Tier System for added quality assurance.

  • Attest Biological Indicating Test
  • Comply Chemical Indicator Test
  • Heat/steam colour changing results bags and tape indicators
  • Allow you to dedicate more time to quality patient care rather then on reprocessing¬†instruments