Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSW) continue to provide claimants with emotional support at hearings. Together with their lawyers, Our work with clients before, during, and after the hearings. We also provide interpreting services in Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota and Dene to the claimants so there is a better understanding of the lawyers and adjudicators.

Hearings are scheduled on a weekly basis in the Prince Albert and Saskatoon areas at which we provide them with health support. Hearings also take place at the hospital, the penitentiary, the men and women’s correctional, and in homes as requested. RHSW’s work is busy in this area, which is one of the most essential pieces to providing our PAGC members with emotional and cultural support. We experienced a rush in meeting the deadline of September 19, 2012 for IAPs. There were more hearings going on due to the deadline. To ensure the well-being of the claimants, we also provided follow-up support to clients after the hearings.

Elder Component

Our Elders continue to help claimants in hearings by providing prayers and smudging ceremonies. Also helpful to our staff, our Elders provided guidance and mentorship to everyone involved. Our Elders provide one-on-one traditional counselling on an appointment basis, working an average of twice a week in Saskatoon. For future care, our Elders will continue to provide support to survivors with a sweat lodge that is made available to them and others who wish to participate.

IAP Applications

While the deadline for Independent Assessment Process (IAP) has passed, we continue to provide support in the process of helping out claimants. We work with mental health therapists and ensure claimants have the necessary support while they are going through the hearing.

Claims are currently being settled through negotiated settlement or short form decisions, which is faster and less stressful process on claimants. Our team also provided support at local and national events in Saskatchewan as many survivors are from our PAGC communities.

Future Care

RHSW and our Elders will continue to support claimants in the IAP hearings. We will begin to offer Future Care programs as the interest begins to grow. Elders continue to encourage Sharing Circles in their respective communities as part of the healing process, and we will be involved as time and opportunity allows.

Community Presentations and Outreach

Our team provided presentations on the Personal Education Credits, which can only be utilized by claimants for themselves or their children. Credits could also be contributed to a community-based project. Workshops were also presented to survivors to help them understand the intergenerational effects of the residential schools, and we will continue to provide workshops and presentations upon request.