The program is based on a holistic treatment model. Using the cornerstones of treatment, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, as well as using the concept of “living therapy” where treatment of care is integrated into all interactions in which individuals/families and communities participate.

Mental health, Alcohol, Drug and Gambling fields are emerging into a continuum of care across all our First Nations. It has become essential for all staff to improve their knowledge and skills so the quality of their services is transported through presentatiosn and programming at our First Nations.

We have seen developments in the creation of a pilot in developing Mental Wellness Teams that are or will become multi-disciplinary and have flexibility to meet the needs of the communities.

Education and Training Programs

Asset Mapping                   Self Esteem               Mental Health First Aid              Co-Dependency

Anger Education               Communication              Relationships               Assertiveness

Case mgmt               Grief & Loss               Alcohol Education               Conflict Resolution

Gambling               FASD              Trauma               A.S.I. Family Violence               Honouring Our Traditions

Wellness Workshops for Men / Women / Teens & Families

Drug Talks
Marijuana, Mushrooms, Acid/LSD, Salvia, Cocaine/Crack, Crystal Meth, Prescription Drugs, Heroin, Cravings,
How do you become Addicted?
Chemical Dependency in Families
Physical & Psychological AddictionsAvailable for Youth/Parents/Teachers/Social Workers

Suicide Education & Awareness

Suicide Talk                safeTALK
The Courage to Heal                       ASIST
The Power to Prevent Suicide- Empowering Teens to help Teens

 Evening Self Help Groups: Gamblers Anonymous


Community Outreach/Prevention

  • Public Education
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Moving Towards a Stronger Future Community Development


Youth Initiatives

  • Youth Action Councils within communities
  • Leadership from the Heart
  • Recipe for Success
  • Capacity Building Opportunities
  • Good Grief Camp for Youth

Training and Development

  • Staff Library
  • Certified Trainers
  • ASIST, T4T and safeTALK
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Mentorship Program
  • Info and data collection


James Smith’s Mental Wellness Team: Top Row- Conway Constant, Councillor Florence Sanderson, Rhonda Sanderson, Chief Wally Burns, Health Director Mike Marion. Bottom Row- Courtney Constant, YAC Chief Skye Sanderson and Councillor Stephanie Constant. Not all present.

Mental Health & Addictions

  • Mental Wellness Teams
  • ASI
  • Brighter Futures
  • Crisis Support


  • Our Mental Wellness Teams came together with the opportunity of a grant from Health Canada.
  • Linda Cairns Embrace Life Coordinator with PAGC put forward the proposal in consultation with the communities of James Smith, Cumberland House, Shoal Lake and Red Earth.
  • The proposal was developed as a holistic model with Elder Support


  • To support the development of positive mental wellness in communities. The motivation was the recognition that unaddressed mental health issues can have a negative influence on such things as poverty, employment, physical wellbeing and safety.
  • To help communities build capacity to develop Mental Wellness teams at a community level.
  • It was hoped that working with all of the communities would help to build awareness around mental health needs and weaken the effect of stigma.
  • Training opportunities
  • New Resources
  • Partnerships
  • Integration of community, clinical and cultural approaches
  • The teams that have developed through this project are unique in the sense that they are being developed at a community level. Each of the community teams are developing based on what they have envisioned it to be. Each team has developed their own vision and PATH.
  • Having youth involvement is also important to our teams


  • The purpose of the PAGC Mental Wellness Team Steering Group (PAGC MWT Steering Group) is to coordinate the planning and implementation of mental wellness programs and services by sharing information and providing mutual support.
  • The Prince Albert Grand Council Mental Wellness Team is comprised of individuals from Holistic Wellness, Health, Justice and Education.
  • Our mandate is to Build capacity within communities
H & SD's Violet Naytowhow holds ceremony at Good Grief Youth Camp.

H & SD’s Violet Naytowhow holds ceremony at Good Grief Youth Camp.

Family Based Interventions

  • Grief and Loss
  • Healing the Heart Grief Outreach
  • Honouring Our Traditions Anger Resolution
  • Traditional Parenting


Residential Treatment

  • Responsible Gambling Inpatient/Outpatient Program
  • Sakwatamo Lodge
  • Outreach/Follow-up Support
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 413A4825  413A4719

Sakwatamo Lodge Treatment Centre

Based on the Bio-Psycho-Social Model, the primary mission of our program is to provide education and awareness tools to First Nations People to live healthy lives by elimination of abuse of alcohol and drugs and other substances and by affirmation of pride of their First Nation identity.

Operating on both a continuous and a blocked intake process, this year has proved successful for Sakwatamo Lodge, serving a total of 241 clients. We offered specialized services in the 3rd Quarter of our one year work plan which included a Mens 3 Week Program, a Womens 3 Week Program and Family 3 Week Program. A summary of the 2007/2008 statistics are attached.

Staff Development

Sakwatamo Lodge staff continues to build on skills and delivery techniques to which the program has seen many positive changes. Attendance of the following workshops and conferences contributed to the staff certification process:

Occupational Health and Safety
PAGC Interagency Conference
ASI-DENS Software screening and assessment tool
Dealing with Stress Effectively
National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation,”Workforce Development Forum”
National Health Organization “Cultural Practices towards Prescription Medications”
All Nations Hope, HIV-Aids Workshop
Mental Health First Aid Training
Suicide Intervention
Saskatchewan Regional NNADAP Conference
Emotional Intelligence, Level 2
Prince Albert Food Fair

Program Development

To enhance the efficiency of our program services in meeting the needs of our clients:

Sakwatamo Lodge has continued to work withMental Health Therapists who provide assistance with Program Delivery and Clinical Support
We participated in the Planting Seeds Session and Taking Roots session with Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation.
Continued with the development of a new series of lectures through power point presentation.


Accreditation and certification of workers continues to be the main focus of staff and program development. Sakwatamo Lodge experienced another very successful National Addictions Awareness Week with increased participation from previous years.

Regular programming was interrupted twice this year due to environmental concerns. Fumigation of insecticides forced a two-week closure of the building and spring road conditions limited the number of client intakes. As we work towards accreditation of our treatment center, it is evident that funding may become a concern in order for the center to achieve compliance with the standards and required organizational practices.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

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Youth Support Group

Beginning October 28, 2019, a support group will be offered will be offered to the urban youth every Monday evening at the PAGC Holistic Centre. Youth will be given the opportunity to use their voice and have discussions regarding the challenges that stem from grief and loss and supportive setting with peers and role models. Youth will participate in various interactive activities and sharing circles. Transportation and snack will be provided. As the goal of the supportive group is to empower the youth and create a sense of belonging, the youth will be expected to come up with a name for our support group. Be prepared to share and be creative.

Please contact Terry or Quinn at 306-953-7285

Please check calendars for daily activities to be held, at Parkland Hall, PAGC Gym and Cottage 3

Help Needed!

If your child is able to attend.
Please let Donna or Linda know before 4:30 pm each day
If your child has not been picked up at their usual time,
Please contact 306-953-7285

November Camp

We are planning a camp for November 8-November 11, 2019 at Pruden’s Point.
Please contact Donna at 306-953-7285 if interested.
Youth will need warm clothing, boots, gloves.

Kindness makes you beautiful.

Upcoming Events:

  • October 11: FAMILY DINNER
  • October 12 & 13: NO PROGRAM
  • October 26: LAND BASED DAY


Contact Info:

PAGC Holistic Wellness Centre, Cottage #3


Youth Workers

Kyle Armstrong
Doris Nawakayas
Rayleen Miller
Lori Anne Sewap
Celene Hotomani
Simon Mckay and
Bryan Le Blanc – Outreach Worker

“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world” – Harold Kushner

Holistic Wellness Centre Staff

P.O. Box 2350. 2300-9th Avenue West
Prince Albert, SK   S6V 6Z1
Main Reception: (306) 953-7285
Joan Breland Associate Director of Addictions
Donna Campbell Clerk Receptionist
Marilyn Badger Gambling Addictions Counsellor
Bert Lemaigre Gambling/Addictions Specialist
Violet Naytowhow Integrated Wellness Coordinator
Sena Richmond Integrated Wellness Coordinator
Linda Cairns Embrace Life Coordinator
Wanda Seidlikoski- Yurach Mental Health Care Provider
Cecil Opoonechaw Casual