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Roy Head Speaks at 2016 Saskatchewan First Nations Emergency Management Forum

Roy Head Speaks at 2016 Saskatchewan First Nations Emergency Management Forum

Emergency Response and Planning

A summary of the Emergency Response and Planning Coordinator involves:

  • Assessing the emergency response needs of each First Nation
  • Maintaining a review process for Emergency Response Plans and ensuring updates
  • Developing a comprehensive Emergency Response Strategy in consultation with each First Nation based on their specific needs
  • Assisting with training needs and opportunities related to emergency response
  • Ensuring all PAGC First Nations have developed and can implement upon need their respective Community Emergency Response plans and pandemic plans
  • Arranging and/or participating in meetings with Chiefs and Councils, Health
    Directors, FNIHB, AANDC (INAC) and any other interested parties to discuss specific or general emergency response issues when requested

The Emergency Operations Command assists communities who may have to evacuate or temporarily relocate members to shelters. We provide support, services and assist evacuees while they are being sheltered in city shelters, eg. Prince Albert or other cities. These services include transportation, security, mental and health, sports and recreation, including cultural activities, entertainment events, and traditional foods. PAGC also advocates and investigate incidents where evacuees feel or know the treatment received was not fair and justifiable.