The goal of a Childcare program is to provide quality care that promotes a safe, healthy environment and enhances the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children.

It is intended that each childcare program on reserve will reflect the Philosophy and Goals of each individual community, as well as, Beliefs and Values about children.

The vision for high quality childcare in our programs is to build strong relationships with families. We create environments that are child centered and encourage exploring and creativity.  Children connect to nature and develop strong relationships with staff, other children and elders.  Children are honored as active learners through their play.

There are many child care options available including Full-time, Part-time and casual spaces. The type of child care arrangement you choose will depend upon your needs.

Head Start

The Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve Program (AHSOR) principles and guidelines have been developed to provide comprehensive experiences for children 0-6 years, and their families. The program is based on caring, creativity and pride that flows from the knowledge of their traditional community beliefs, within a holistic and safe environment.

The primary goal of the AHSOR is to demonstrate that locally controlled and designed early-intervention strategies provide First Nations preschool children with a positive sense of themselves, a desire for learning, and opportunities to develop fully and successfully.

Each program focuses on First Nations preschool children and include the following six components: culture and language, education, health promotions, nutrition, social support, parent and family engagement.