Message from the Director

Greetings, Tansi, Edlanete and Washte, It has been quite eventful in PAGC Territory over the past year. We have experienced many joyful events in our communities and outside. We have also experienced events that were sad and difficult to face. However, throughout these times, both good and bad, we see the true resilience of our communities and the people. They rally, without fail, to meet every challenge. With your support, you celebrate and lift the spirit of our communities when joyful and you gather together to meet all difficult situations when they occur. Truly, the people in our communities show a strength of character not seen anywhere else. We are pleased to support you when we at are able to. We celebrate with you when we can and, hopefully, we are there for
support and advice when you meet some of your greatest challenges as even the strongest people need support from time to time. PAGC’s Department of Health and Social Development (H & SD) offer a wide range of services, and we are always looking for ways to improve the support we provide. We strive for innovation and excellence, and I salute our staff as they quite often perform duties above and beyond their requirements. This illustrates the commitment and dedication they have for our communities. A sense of community exists even with all our communities collectively. When our First Nations need to support each other, they do it without hesitation. This is the signal to the rest of Canada that our communities have a determination and strength to prevail and succeed as a people, as a community and, indeed, as a Nation. We are into negotiating a new Transfer Agreement with Health Canada/FNIHB. Our intent is to look for major increases in funding and to increase the scope of services we offer through our programs. We also intent to demand new services especially related to Mental Health and Wellness for our communities and Nursing Services. We are already in the process of supporting our communities to maintain, renovate, enlarge or replace our existing facilities. We are also continuing down the path of evolving services that were historically outsourced to nonFirst Nation companies in areas, such as walk-in clinics, dental clinics, pharmacy services and clinics, diagnostic services and even hospital services. This path is a particularly difficult one to pursue, since we have not offered such services in the past and when we have, we have faced great criticism. We also enjoy the individual First Nation members who tell us, without solicitation, to “never to give up” and that “it’s about time.” We will continue to pursue this path knowing our leadership and communities support us.
On behalf of the H & SD staff, we offer our thanks to the people, communities and leadership for allowing us to take part in the struggle to bring all our people the quality of life and health care we
deserve as First Peoples of Canada. We are guided by the knowledge of the Treaty Right to Health and the Health Care as outlined by Treaty negotiators and championed by our community
and PAGC’s leadership as the original signatories described the need for comprehensive health as “the Medicine Chest”.
Ninaskomin, Marci Cho, Pedaymaya and Thank You.
Al Ducharme