In the spirit and intent of our inherent and Treaty Right to Health and in partnership with our member First Nations, Prince Albert Grand Council Health and Social Development supports the delivery of holistic community health and wellness programs.


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Prince Albert, SK S6V 5T3
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Department of Health & Social Development

Prince Albert Grand Council’s Department of Health and Social Development is in its 25th year of providing health and social programming and services to our 12 member First Nations. Our department continues to display excellence and innovation through the implementation of the latest in technology and best practices in health care.

Our Treaties serve as a foundation for our health care programs and services at PAGC, and, even though the current health environment has shifted from an exclusive federal Treaty-based premise to a collaborative inter-jurisdictional approach, we continue to promote and protect our Treaty rights when building partnerships with external health and social agencies. An example of our collaboration with our communities is evidenced through regular engagement, participation, and feedback from the PAGC’s Health Directors Working Group, Health Commission Chiefs, and Women’s Commission.

As we plan for the future, we are considering options to improve our health system. One path could lead to an engagement with the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, related to their hospital renewal plans. The other path may lead to the development of an independent hospital, which we believe has strong potential of becoming a reality with the support of the community, our leadership and joint partners. We are also working on plans to establish a First Nations wholesale prescription drug distribution company. While these projects are a work in progress, we will continue to retain service agreements with health professionals, pertaining to vision care, dental care, physician services and all manners of professional medical services to “occupy the field.”

We pride ourselves on providing the best in health care, and one vital component in ensuring we achieve our goals is through the recruitment of staff who understand the health status of our First Nations communities and have the desire to make a difference.