Projects N to Z


Paspiwin Cultural Heritage Site

July 16, 2008 marked the official opening of the Paspiwin Cultural Heritage Site in Prince Albert National Park.The Paspiwin Cultural Heritage Site provides local First Nation and Métis people lands within Prince Albert National Park for traditional, spiritual and ceremonial purposes. First Nations Elders and Aboriginal and Métis community representatives sought an area in Prince Albert National Park to hold larger traditional cultural events, demonstrations of traditional cultural activities, and an Aboriginal cultural youth camp. The group seeks to ensure the protection of historical, archaeological and sacred sites in the Park. Designated for cultural activities and events, the Paspiwin Cultural Heritage Site may also lead to sustainable economic tourism and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Métis people in the area.


Public Tender Contracts

Within the Swampy Cree Sector we continue to expand into Forest Harvesting and Tree Planting and/or Stand tending contracts that are direct awarded or acquired through public tender. Other bands have requested assistance and support in pursuing similar Tree Planting and Stand Tending Contracts through this tendering process. PAGC willingly assists the First Nations within this sector to participate and learn the tendering process and take advantage of employment opportunities for First Nation youth. The ultimate goal is to develop capacity at the community level to effectively manage our resources in a sustainable fashion.


Vilhelmina Youth Exchange

Recent meeting in Sweden with the International Model Forest Network accommodated a meeting with the Vilhelmina and Prince Albert Model Forests Board of Directors. First Nation representatives accompanied this delegation to discuss a cultural exchange in 2009, and develop cooperative research in climate change and community sustainability through collaborative work.

From interest generated from previous exchanges last year with the Sami people, this will potentially involve other Model Forests participation and interest in cultural exchanges involving traditional subsistence practices, plant use and medicine and will continue to develop within the International Model Forest Network.


Wildfire Certification Training

There has been considerable effort devoted in this area by PAGC Forestry to comply with the standards established by Occupational Health and Safety. This process provides the ability to enable individuals to work on forest fires will undoubtedly require more training and a higher degree of certification and experience. Most training conducted will be provided through a public tendering process and contracted for Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.
The training currently provided by PAGC Forestry includes: OW – 201 (Basic Fire Fighter) Certification, Crew Unit Leader OW – 303 (Crew Boss) Certification, Power Pump Operator, Chainsaw Operator, Restricted Radio Operator, WHIMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Fireline Supervision and First Aid and CPR.