Projects A to F


Aboriginal Caucus

The International Institute for Sustainable Development(IISD) contributes to sustainable development by advancing policy recommendations on international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change and energy, measurement and assessment, and sustainable natural resources management. The aboriginal caucus was created by the Board of the PAMF in an effort to bring First Nations to a common table to share ideas, discuss concerns and formulate solutions. The caucus is intended to address the need for ongoing and direct involvement with First Nation partners and serve as a learning platform to guide training, understanding and participation in the forest resource sector.

The role of First Nations is that of advocacy on behalf of their communities to organize for effective action to monitor development on their traditional lands and monitor environmental change. A necessary support of this effective action is the mapping, data collection and inventory of community – held knowledge regarding land use, occupancy and resources. This coincides with the current GIS Database project supported by the FNFP.


FSIN RMPP Initiatives

The position of the resource technician provides on-going negotiations and mediation with governing bodies at the federal and provincial levels. This resource technician works out of the Forestry Office, but is employed by the Federation Saskatchewan Indian Nation, and takes direction from that entity.

The resource technician works directly with First Nation Members which require either research or mediation for fishing, hunting and trapping rights, as well with the Canadian Fire Arms Registry, where members have difficulty understanding the direction that the government wishes First Nations to have their fire arms registered. This requires resource technician to act as mediator between the governing bodies and the affected individuals, and to establish on-going mediation that will create better understanding for both parties involved. Any changes to policy and new legislations are documented, and passed onto the members or internal officials that can mandate appropriate changes or adoption by our governing bodies, and passed onto to our membership.

First Nation Forestry Program


Current funding for the PAGC Forestry Program is accessed through the Canadian Forest Service. The Forestry Program Manager currently represents PAGC on the Provincial Territorial Management Committee of the First Nation Forestry Program (FNFP). There are a number of projects, programs and activities that target aboriginal youth to engage them in the natural resources sector. This is accomplished through scheduled workshops and meetings, where people are brought together that are involved with the First Nation Forestry Program and the Forest Communities Program.


First Nation Forest Fire Protection Services

This fiscal season completes the current contract for 23 – 6 person crews spread over the PAGC area. This contract was for three years beginning in 2006 and was deliberated and continuously negotiated throughout the spring to resolve wage parody disputes between Tribal Councils and the provincial government.

Negotiations will begin to address future service contract language and at the same time address policy concerns from First Nations affected by wildfire, and the current policies developed without consultation.