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Sustainable Forest Management

PAGC Annual Report 2008

The PAGC Forestry Program provides financial and technical support for First Nations and involves their participation in forestry employment, through Forest Management, Fire Protection and Forest harvesting and renewal activities. The program was developed with strategic direction and support from the PAGC Forestry Development Committee. The First Nation Forestry Program administered by the Canadian Forest Service received a one year renewal until March 31, 2009. Future announcements as to the continuation of the First Nation Forest Program will affect PAGC Forestry as this is the primary funding source for the continuation of program services provided through PAGC Forestry.

Upcoming discussion regarding Resource Revenue sharing and the potential to establish Term Supply Licenses and/or Forest Management Agreements through consultation with Saskatchewan Environment and Weyerhaeuser as they prepare to renew their 20-year Pasqua-Porcupine Forest Management Agreement