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Carlton Bear
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March 2020, Three Year Term. 

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Chief´s Message

The community of Shoal Lake has made significant strides in our efforts to meet the needs of our membership. It is through the commitment of our staff that we are able to provide quality service and we want to thank them for their continued dedication and support.

Our Council continues to advance the lands and resource initiative to reclaim our traditional First Nations rights in the Sipanok and greater Pasqua area. Other community development initiatives that have kept Shoal Lake busy over the past year include the hosting of the 2004 Winter Games, youth conference and of course the community gathering that is held annually for all our membership, which promotes healthy traditional lifestyles, education and solidarity our nation.

The Council recognizes the important role the elders play in our community and thank them for their spiritual guidance. The key to any community is its people and in Shoal Lake we have a very supportive membership whom we have had the privilege to serve.

On behalf of the Chief & Council of the Shoal Lake Cree Nation, I would like to extend our appreciation to the Executive, Senior Management and Staff of the Prince Albert Grand Council for their continued efforts in providing the necessary political, technical and administrative supports for ongoing developments within the PAGC First Nation Member Communities, during the 2003/2004 fiscal period.

Economic Development

The priority of the Shoal Lake Cree Nation is to generate community prosperity and to create employment opportunities for our membership. To date we have initiated several projects and will continue to develop them throughout the coming year. Projects include but are not limited to;

  • Continue to dialogue on the establishment of the Shoal Lake Development Corporation.
  • Delivering an Ecotourism Certificate Training Program that will be held from January through to July of 2005. This program will offer courses that will prepare our students for local business opportunities within the tourism industry. Shoal Lake, Red Earth and James Smith First Nation will be participating in the training program.
  • Traditional hand mapping projects will provide data gathering and mapping of our traditional territory and activities throughout Greater Sipanok and Pasquia Hills area.
  • The Moose Whisper Lodge Service Station is currently under development. Potentially situated on the Hudson Bay Road, east of Shoal Lake, the Station would provide customers with services and lodging. Initially, five cabins will be built to provide accommodations.
  • The community of Shoal Lake is currently in the planning stages of building an indoor skating arena.


The Wacihk Education Complex will host a total enrollment of 207 students in the 2004-2005 school year. Both schools are planning to deliver a variety of extra curricula activities such as a choir and square dancing. These groups will be preparing to participate in the annual fine arts festival. Every year the school provides an opportunity for students to participate in a ´Culture Week.´ This is a time for students to learn more about our culture and traditions.

Students will elect their new executive for the S.R.C. in both the Junior and High school once school commences. The students will also have an opportunity to participate in several different school committees which include the graduation, year book and cultural committee.

As a community we encouraged the development of a healthy lifestyle. A Nutrition program has been implemented within the school. The program offers nutritious snacks for all students attending the Wacihk Education Complex. Included is a complete breakfast program which includes pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, cold cereals, and juice.

Summer Students

Shoal Lake First Nation provided students with job experience through the summer student program. Students hired were responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the community property along with the planning of activities for the children in our community.

Post Secondary Students

Post Secondary Students Support Program coordinator continues to receive applicants for funding. There are few returning students who will be continuing their studies this fall in their respective programs.

Shoal Health Centre

The Shoal Lake Health program offers a variety of services to the community´. We have focused on the development and training of staff. Our Health Centre and programming has experienced significant changes due to staff training, community developments, facility, and program enhancements.

Teamwork is vital within our organization, we as Health staff accomplish our goals and objectives by working together. Communication is also an important component of our daily activities. Our mission is “To provide and facilitate a quality holistic health service by working as a team and in partnership with other resources to empower individuals, families, and the community to achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.”

Sadie’s Walk – Diabetes

Sadie’s walk has become an annual event within the community. The walk is used as an opportunity to teach the community about diabetes and how it impacts the health of an individual and the community, highlighting prevention of diabetes through lifestyle changes.

Sports and Recreation

2004 School Cultural Week /Isko Pusko Camp

The Shoal Lake Cree Nation Family Camp 2004 was held on the 12 – 19 of September. The organizational committee provided activities for all ages, adults, youth and children.

The 2004 Cultural week was held concurrently with the Family camp. Staff and students will be involved in a variety of activities such as out door baking, beading, hunting, berry picking, sewing, making key chains and dreamcatchers. Students will also have an opportunity to be involved in photography, archery, hatchet and spear throw triathalon.

Sport Activities

In March the 6th Annual Darlene Cook Memorial Volleyball Tournament was hosted. A total of 28 teams participated. August 13-15, Clarence Lathlin slowpitch 5th annual tournament was held. They had 16 teams participating.

The Oscar Bear Memorial Golf Tournament held on August 13-15 at Nipawin Evergreen Centre had 100 golfers.

Specific Land Claims

A Specific Land Claim (ICC) was filed with Indian & Northern Affairs Canada in 1996 on the basis of Quality of Reserve Land. There was no formal response forthcoming regarding status of the claim. A Formal Application was filed in December of 2003 with the Indian Claims Commission to conduct an Inquiry. Shoal Lake has received confirmation that their request was on the List of Claims currently before the ICC, with Canada also being notified.

An Inquiry Process is now underway with the Specific Claims Coordinator and Legal Counsel is being retained to proceed with the file by developing a Work Plan and Community Session. A Community Profile has been drafted to assist the ICC with becoming familiar with community demographics etc. Shoal Lake is currently pursuing funding from INAC to assist with the process.

In the meantime, other claims are being researched in conjunction with FSIN for possible advancement in the future. Also, a Press Release is being drafted to notify community members on progress of Inquiry to date.

Community Infrastructure

Land Fill and Drainage Project

The Land Fill has been in operation since 1998 and was projected to last over a 15 year time period. Initially the landfill was designed on the trench method. However, ssurface flooding has occurred which made access to the site difficult. UMA Engineering Ltd. was contracted to assess the current landfill system and the Area Fill Method.