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March 2018, Three Year Term. 
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Historical Background

The Cumberland House Cree Nation, formally known as the Cumberland House Band, signed an adhesion to Treaty 5 on September 24, 1875 at Norway House along with the Saulteaux and Swampy Cree tribes. There are a total of five designated reservation lands that make up theCumberland House Cree Nation. These five reservation lands are: Pine Bluff, Muskeg, Cumberland 100A, Budd´s Point and Cumberland Reserve 20A. The main reservation was Pine Bluff and there were a total of 75 members who were transferred and relocated from Pine Bluff to the current location of Cumberland Reserve 20A adjacent to the Village of Cumberland House in September of 1964.


The Nisto Awasisak Memorial School continues to improve our capacity to design and deliver a quality education system under Band jurisdiction. The foundation of our education system is built on the strength of our language and culture. It is enhanced by a culturally relevant curriculum adapted for our young learners.

The Cumberland House Cree Nation celebrated with the graduating class of the Nisto Awasisak Memorial School. The theme for the 2004 graduation year was “LET THE DREAMS BEGIN”. Sunni Goulet, the valedictorian, expanded on this theme to encourage her fellow graduates to follow their “dreams”, emphasizing that each and everyone had the potential to achieve their “dreams” and to continue to make our community proud. Sunni Goulet was also the recipient of six awards and scholarships.

Post Secondary The Post Secondary Student Support Program sponsors approximately 20 students on a yearly basis and the number of applications is increasing each and every year. The Cumberland House Cree Nation would like to congratulate all post-secondary students who have completed their field of study this past year and we encourage our current students to have a successful year.


Youth Camp

The Education Department hosted their 5th Annual Youth Camp for the Nisto Awasisak Memorial School students at Jim´s Outfitting Camp in July 2003. The Youth Camp promotes and teaches the traditional way of life and other activities for the children.

Community Infrastructure Housing

As of December 2003, Cumberland House completed the construction of sixteen (16) new housing units. The new tenants were extremely pleased to move into their new homes before Christmas. There were also numerous renovations completed on units and other CMHC housing units.

Training for Water Treatment Wastewater Management Certification

The Operator Certification Level I – Water Treatment Wastewater Management Certification Program was delivered this past year with the completion date being December of 2003. Bert Chaboyer received his Level I Certification and is now the full-time Treatment Plant Operator and Leonard McKenzie is a certified part-time operator. This course was held in conjunction with the Prince Albert Grand Council and the ATAP (Advanced Technology Applications) Infrastructure Management Ltd. Furthermore, the Level II Certification was held in May of 2004.

Economic Development

There were a number of special projects and contracts for stand tending and tree planting with Saskatchewan Environment throughout the spring and summer by Waskiganik Enterprises Ltd. As well there were direct award contracts for planting 350,000 seedlings with Weyerhaeuser, as Waskiganik Enterprises is recognized as a Level 3 Contractor. They continue to pursue contracts through public tender for fall stand tending and maintain current harvesting activities under existing contracts. In cooperation with Weyerhaeuser, the community continues to look at the harvesting of 25,000 cubic meters in logging operations, with negotiations for an extension for 2004/2005.

Fire Protection

There a total of six (6) Band Members employed in the First Nations Fire Protection (FNFPS) Crew by the Band. The fire crew met Level 2 certification training held at Hudson Bay in July 2004. Future economic development plans for the new year include:conducting a strategic assessment of the economic opportunities for Cumberland House First Nation; continued negotiations with Weyerhaeuser; feasibility assessments; further training and development with plans to secure and ensure the advancement of community economic opportunities.

Health and Social Development

The development and negotiations of the new proposed integrated health service facility are continuing. The board consists of members of the Cree Nation, Northern Village of Cumberland House and other representatives from First Nations Inuit and Health Branch and the Province.

Youth attended a Youth Conference at Ile-a-La Crosse, SK. The Health Department held their 5th Annual Youth Camp for the youth of our Cree Nation.


Winter Games

The Cumberland House Cree Nation along with the Eastern Sector First Nations communities of Red Earth and Shoal Lake were proud to host the 2004 Saskatchewan First Nations Winter Games. The Games were held in Nipawin, Saskatchewan and the surrounding towns of Carrot River and Whitefox. There were numerous athletes from the various Tribal Councils throughout Saskatchewan with the Prince Albert Grand Council Team being the overall victors at this year´s Winter Games.

Canoe Derby

The 15th Annual John Baptiste Sr. Memorial Canoe Derby (July 25, 2003 to July 27, 2003) was once again a resounding success. This annual event attracts many athletes and spectators to either participate in the canoeing events or other events throughout the weekend.

Next year the 16th Annual John Baptiste Sr. Memorial Canoe Derby will highlight the 1st Annual Caroline Carriere Women´s Professional Canoe Classic and the 4th Annual Marcel Stewart Men´s Professional Canoe Classic events.


The 1st Annual Roderick Settee Sr. Memorial Hockey Tournament was held on March 14, 15 and 16, 2003 at the J.B. Settee Memorial Arena at the Northern Village of Cumberland House.

This annual hockey tournament is in memory of Roderick Settee Sr. who was a devoted hockey fan, especially for the members of the community. He attended many hockey tournaments throughout Saskatchewan and Canada to cheer on and support the local hockey teams of Cumberland House. He was a definite fan of the Cumberland Cree hockey team and where ever the team went he wasn´t far behind.