To register for the federal compensation on Child Welfare, check to see if you are eligible by going to this sight and registering

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Class Action (20 billion) from David Sterns, says:
Group A

  • defined as “Removed Child” who are children living on reserve and placed in care since 1991-present
  • 40,000 will be a starting point given for compensation Although CHRT decision goes back to 2006.
  • It is projected 115,000 children were separated from their families.
  • Those most impacted by discrimination will be compensated more than the 40k.
  • A distribution plan will seek approval from the federal government and begin this settlement plan this calendar year.

Group B

  • “Jordan’s Principle” are those children deprived of essential services from Prov-Fed governments from 1991.
  • Those who were removed from their homes/communities or denied equality rights under Jordan’s Principle will be compensated.
  • Roughly 100,000 (estimated) from 1991 since 2007 will be eligible

Group C

  • “Caregiver” Parents and caregivers of these children.