Education, RMO, Sports Culture and Recreation Staff

Edward Mirasty Director of Education – Blog
Keith Frame Associate Director of Education
Rosalie Tsannie-Burseth Associate Director of Education
Darrell McCallum Cree Language Consultant
Florence St. Pierre Denesuline Language Consultant
Don Dore Educational Technology Consultant
Doug Howland Educational Technology Consultant
Paul Ketcham Educational Technology Consultant
Stepan Tulchynskyy Numeracy Specialist
Lori Gay FNSSP Consultant
Vince Brittain FNSSP Literacy Specialist
Jenny Hulak Early Literacy Specialist
Joan Strong Athabasca Training & Employment Coordinator
Bob Magee Education Consultant
Tyrone MacPherson Manager, Student Support Services
Diane Knight Student Support Services Coordinator
Glenda Brass Student Support Services Consultant
Brian Zimmer Student Support Services Consultant
Deborah Seib Student Support Services Consultant
Brenda O’Soup Student Support Services Consultant
Berk Seymour School Psychologist
Gregory Reid School Psychologist
Lisa Brillinger Speech And Language Pathologist
Dan Lundell Physiotherapist
Geoff Despins Manager of Sports, Culture & Recreation
Korey Diehl Athabasca Coordinator
Tami McKenzie Woodland Coordinator
Alphie Dorion Eastern Sports, Culture and Recreation Coordinator
Adele Natomagan Senator Allen Bird Memorial Gym Coordinator
Shona Stapleton Student Records Coordinator