Tribute to Larry Goldade

SEPTEMBER 24, 1948 TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
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Education Office

“Promoting the pursuit of excellence in Education”

Mailing address:

2300-10th Ave. West

Cottage #11

P.O. Box 2770

Prince Albert, SK S6V 7M2

Ph: 953-7234 Fax: 922-3135

Office Hours: 8:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-5:00pm Monday – Friday

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PAGC – Education Services provides second level support to twenty-nine (29) First Nations schools and over 6,500 students.

Vision & Mission Statement

In recognition of the Inherent and Treaty rights to education for First Nations, and founded on the Philosophy and Practice of our First Nations Schools, the Prince Albert Grand Council promotes the following Vision and Mission for Education.

Learning is a Life-Long Process

Our First Nations people are unique and worthy of the best possible quality education we can provide.

We shall promote a comprehensive bilingual and bicultural education for our people with respect to their diverse languages and cultures.

We shall promote a holistic education in which our people can strive to achieve excellence in the development of their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional faculties.

We shall promote an education that will prepare our young people for the future, to be leaders, to be self-sufficient, to be productive and responsible, to be respectful of life.

We shall promote the principle that education is an integral part of First Nations and is the shared responsibility of the parents, the elders, the schools, the communities, and the Grand Council.

We shall promote an education that will provide an opportunity for our people to reach their full potential and ensure the development of a positive self-image.

We shall promote and uphold the standards of our traditional education systems and shall strive to equal or exceed the standards prescribed for general education by the province of Saskatchewan.

We shall recognize and promote the pride in cultures, languages, and values among our First Nation people.