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The Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) organization celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2007. In 1977 the twelve First Nations located in central and northern Saskatchewan established a tribal council, or political alliance, which they named the Prince Albert District Chiefs (PADC). The alliance was later formally renamed as the Prince Albert Tribal Council (PATC), then later, Prince Albert Grand Council or "PAGC."

The PAGC First Nation members are Wahpeton Dakota Nation, Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, James Smith Cree Nation, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, Cumberland House Cree Nation, Shoal Lake Cree Nation, Red Earth Cree Nation, Lac La Hache Dene Nation, Black Lake Dene Nation and Fond du Lac Dene Nation.

PAGC is on the same path blazed by their forebears who signed the Treaties in good faith with the Queen of England representatives, and with those courageous leaders of yesteryear who fought the Government of Canada for not honouring and respecting the Spirit and Intent of the Treaties.

Within the past 50 years PAGC and their allied tribal councils formed the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. Together with the Assembly of First Nations, they have achieved unprecedented success in the realization of social, economic, spiritual and cultural renewal for their constituents. The Department of Indian Affairs, after 100 years of domination, was not able to achieve this.

The PAGC vision and mission focuses on the protection and implementation of the Treaties that were signed in 1876 by First Nations and the Crown in right of Great Britain. As well, the Prince Albert Grand Council is committed to support its member First Nations achieve and implement independent, progressive self-governments and improve quality of life for their constituents through appropriate and productive social and economic strategies.

The future looks better for First Nations people but there are still many challenges to face. It is imperative for all governments - provincial, federal and First Nations - to continue working together in good faith. When First Nations win everyone in Canada wins.

Upcoming Events

Hatchet Lake Treaty Day (7/28/2014)
Black Lake Treaty Day (7/29/2014)
Fond du Lac Treaty Day (7/30/2014)
  Did you know?
In December 2003, the Chief and Headmen received a mandate from the members-inassembly to conduct a comprehensive review of the 1996 Red Earth First Nation Election Act.